InsightOut: Wishing You Were Here

Rows of tulips surrounding the St. Michael statue on the quad at the University of St. Michael's College

Spring is one of our four favourite seasons on campus.

The robins are back, shoots are starting to poke up from the spring bulbs planted long ago, the grass is beginning to cycle through various shades of green, and the cherry blossoms are almost ready to burst forth.

In normal times, campus would now be waking up  to the new season, with impromptu Frisbee games in the quad, small knots of students lingering outside to chat between study sessions in Kelly, and the sun reflecting a little more brightly off of the iconic statue of St. Michael.

Usually, campus would be abuzz right now with plans to get ready for the arrival of Spring Reunion, now just weeks away, with the excitement that alumni create upon their return each spring. With COVID continuing to place in-person activities on hold, however, St. Mike’s has turned to an exciting schedule of virtual reunion events and the campus remains largely dormant.

That doesn’t mean we wouldn’t all still like a glimpse of the forsythia, the tulips, the squirrels, and the special look of the light filtering through the trees on Elmsley Lane, whether we are an alumnus/almuna, a student, a faculty member or a staffer.

In response, we thought we would offer these Zoom backgrounds as a taste of home.

Hope to see you — in person! — soon.

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