Celtic Studies

The Celtic Studies Program offers a wide variety of undergraduate courses on the languages, literature, history, music, folklore, art and archaeology of the peoples of Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We examine Celtic identities in the modern as well as the ancient and medieval world, and explore the transmission of these traditions to Canada and the United States.

Our program attracts visiting professors from Ireland, organizes conferences with international scholars, and offers summer scholarships for students to study across the Atlantic. We provide intellectually stimulating courses in a personal, student-friendly learning environment.

The Celtic Studies program is a good preparation for a career in education, journalism, arts and entertainment, or communications. Many of our students proceed to graduate work in the fields of history, mediaeval studies, literature, archaeology, folklore, and library science.


SMC374H1 — The Celtic Book SMC355H1 — Contemporary Celtic Cinema SMC457H1 — Directed Research SMC385H1 — Multicultural Toronto by the Numbers SMC240H1 — Celtic Cultures I: Ancient and Medieval SMC241H1 — Celtic Cultures II: Modern SMC141Y1 — Introduction to the Irish Language SMC242Y1 — An Introduction to Scottish Gaelic SMC243Y1 — Modern Welsh SMC251H1 — Intermediate Irish Language I SMC252H1 — Intermediate Irish Language II SMC440Y1 — Middle Welsh Language and Literature SMC441Y1 — Old and Middle Irish SMC188H1 — SMC One: The Gilson Seminar in Faith and Ideas SMC189H1 — SMC One: The Gilson Seminar in Faith and Rome SMC226H1 — King Arthur SMC250Y1 — Celtic Mythology SMC333H1 — Special Topics in Celtic Studies I SMC334H1 — Special Topics in Celtic Studies II SMC335Y1 — Special Topics in Celtic Studies III SMC337H1 — Early Celtic History 450-1000 SMC338H1 — The Celtic Nations in the later Middle Ages 1000-1550 SMC342Y1 — Literature of Three Nations: Ireland, Scotland and Wales SMC343H1 — Medieval Celtic Narratives SMC344Y1 — Celtic Archaeology SMC346H1 — Celtic Folklore SMC347H1 — Traditional Music in Ireland and Scotland SMC348H1 — Early Modern Ireland SMC350H1 — Celtic Spirituality SMC351H1 — The Blasket Island Writings SMC356H1 — The Continental Celts SMC373H1 — Medieval Celtic Poetry SMC375H1 — The Contemporary Irish Novel SMC376H1 — Irish Canadian Literature SMC377H1 — The Scots in Cape Breton SMC378H1 — Ireland Since the Famine SMC396H1 — Independent Study in Celtic Studies SMC395Y1 — Independent Study in Celtic Studies SMC411H1 — Advanced Topics in Celtic Studies I SMC412H1 — Advanced Topics in Celtic Studies II SMC413H1 — The Irish and Scots in Canada SMC416H1 — Irish Nationalism in Canada SMC444H1 — The Great Irish Famine in an International Context

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