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Mediaeval Studies is an interdisciplinary program encompassing all aspects of European culture from the fall of Rome to the fall of Constantinople, approximately 450 to 1450 AD. Through its courses in history, thought, literature and art, the Mediaeval Studies program offers students the opportunity to study subjects which are not only of value in their own right, but also sources of many things familiar to us, in a context sufficiently unfamiliar to expand our mental horizons and suggest new perspectives. St Michael’s College has a long tradition of teaching and research in mediaeval disciplines, and its library has rich resources in the field.

Mediaeval Studies may be taken as a minor, major, or specialist program.

Mediaeval Studies is an undergraduate program only. Students in the Faculty of Arts and Science of the University of Toronto may enrol in the program at the end of their first year. All students in the Faculty of Arts and Science are welcome in the program and its individual courses.

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Mediaeval Studies Program Contacts

Where Should I Begin?

The introductory courses for the program are

  • SMC175H1 Mediaeval Civilization
  • SMC176Y1 Mediaeval Christian Latin for Beginners
  • SMC210H1 The Early Mediaeval Tradition
  • SMC212H1 The Later Mediaeval Tradition

These courses offer an overview of all facets of the program.

Students intending to follow the specialist option should take an introductory course in Latin

Student Organization

Medieval Studies Undergraduate Society (MSUS) is a social and academic club dedicated to promoting enthusiasm for medieval studies at the University of Toronto. MSUS offers academic assistance and peer mentoring within the field of medieval studies and hosts campus-wide events such as an annual masquerade ball, seminars in medieval self-defence, medieval feasts, lectures, workshops and movie nights!

For more information, you can email us, find us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter @MedievalToronto

Overseas Study

University of Toronto students have the opportunity of applying for the third year Study Elsewhere program.

What Next

The Specialist program, with its Latin requirements, is excellent preparation for graduate work at UofTs Centre for Medieval Studies.

Mediaeval Studies provides a useful background for studies in law or theology, since the foundation of all our present-day legal systems ecclesiastical, common, and civil were laid in the Middle Ages. And those interested in pursuing theology should note that the mediaeval period is marked by the creation of a common theological inheritance that is, in a very real way, the foundation and starting point for all subsequent theological investigations.