St. Michael’s Students Honoured for Leadership and Community Contributions

St. Michael’s Students Honoured for Leadership and Community Contributions

Eight members of the Class of 2022 have received Student Leadership Awards from the University of Toronto for their outstanding volunteer contributions to the life of the College and the larger University. Over their student careers, they have played foundational roles in the life of St. Michael’s community, founded and led clubs, edited journals and books, and much more.

St. Michael’s Congratulates:

Cianna Choo

Cianna Choo – Cianna’s leadership roles include serving as Executive and Treasurer of the Arts and Science Student Union, President of the St. Michael’s College Student Union, Orientation Coordinator, Orientation Marshal, Senior Mentor, and Student Representative on both the Senate and the Collegium. Her work on behalf of the St. Michael’s student body has helped her peers experience richer community, and her advocacy has strengthened ties between students, faculty, and St. Michael’s leadership. 

Simran Dhir

Simran Dhir – From tutoring and mentoring her peers to coordinating performances of the St. Michael’s College Troubadours and helping to organize Orientation over multiple years, Simran has directly enriched St. Michael’s community and culture while also helping her fellow students to find support and feel at home. As Major Operations Manager of the Communicatable Club at St. Mike’s this academic year, she has organized regular workshops and events to help students develop soft skills.

Abigail Iyekekpolor

Abigail Iyekekpolor – Abigail has invested much of her time at St. Michael’s directly in the lives of her peers, cultivating community and providing support for several years as a residence don and as an orientation leader. She also created the social media campaign #SoulsOfSMC, an initiative that creates space for diverse expressions of identity among St. Michael’s students. It continues to provide a window into the lives of members of the St. Michael’s student body while enriching the larger community.    

Fasika Jembere

Fasika Jembere – With volunteer and service experience ranging from direct support for her St. Michael’s peers to leading initiatives across U of T, Fasika has left a deep impression during her student career. She has served as president of the Equity Studies Student Union (ESSU) since September of 2021 and in the role has overseen initiatives in direct response to the pandemic, including the distribution of Covid mutual care packages to U of T students.

Ren Manalo

Ren Manalo – Ren has supported her fellow students as a mentor with St. Michael’s Mentorship and the Filipino Students’ Association and has helped new students find a home at St. Michael’s as an orientation leader. Currently, she serves as co-president of the Medieval Studies Undergraduate Society, and plans events and generates enthusiasm for the St. Michael’s-sponsored academic program. She has helped grow the Society from a dozen members to a welcoming and diverse community of over 50 students.

Ashwini Selvakumaran

Ashwini Selvakumaran – Ashwini was a recipient of the 2020 University of Toronto COVID-19 Student Engagement Award, for which she co-​authored an e-book featuring global student perspectives on the pandemic. Her volunteer and service work on and off campus includes engagements in tri-campus mental health advocacy; founding the Brown Citizen Circle (BCC), a non-profit that serves to amplify BIPOC youth voices; co-directing the 2020-2021 annual Peace, Conflict and Justice Student Conference; and serving as the 2021-2022 Editor of the Rapoport Journal of Peace, Conflict and Justice.

Adriana Williams

Adriana Williams – Adriana was one of nine participants to consult with the Honourable Chrystia Freeland on issues affecting Black Canadians during the pandemic, a recognition of Adriana’s work on behalf of the Black community throughout her undergraduate career. Her four-year association with the Black Students’ Association at U of T culminated in her becoming the organization’s president, and in the role she has continued to help build safe spaces for Black students in the university community.

Ingrid Wong

Ingrid Wong – In a variety of roles with St. Michael’s College Mentorship, Orientation, and Fontbonne House Council, Ingrid has helped her fellow students to feel welcome and included at St. Michael’s. She has also raised awareness of and advocated for human rights as co-president of HanVoice’s University of Toronto chapter and helped shape academic discourse in editorial roles with Synergy: the Journal of Contemporary Asian Studies.