Book & Media Studies

The Book & Media Studies program is open to undergraduate students in the Faculty of Arts and Science at the University of Toronto. This program studies how the tools with which humans have communicated – whether they’re illustrated manuscripts, radio broadcasts, propaganda posters, musical performances, digital media, or AI – shape ideas and societies. Examining various forms of media throughout history and into the modern age, the program takes a global perspective as it asks: how do these media forms influence how we understand the world, ourselves, and our relationship with each other?  Students are provided with exciting opportunities to experiment with the latest AI, to study with renowned journalists, and to work hands-on with printing presses. 

The program prepares students for vocations in journalism, publishing, editing, communications and graduate programs in information and library science. The program also introduces them to topics in the Book History and Print Culture Graduate program at the University of Toronto.

The new Arts & Science Internship Program (ASIP) stream is available to students entering their second year of study in and enrolled in the Book & Media Studies Major. In exceptional circumstances, students, including transfer students, who enrolled in the Book & Media Studies Major after Year 2, may also be admitted to the ASIP stream the Fall of Year 3. Acceptance into an ASIP stream in Year 3 is dependent on space and requires approval of the student’s academic unit and the Faculty of Arts & Science Experiential Learning & Outreach Support (ELOS) Office. Please refer to the ASIP Eligibility page on the Faculty of Arts & Science website for further details.

For more information and a complete list of courses, please check out the Faculty of Arts & Science Academic Calendar.

Proposed Book & Media Studies Course Offerings 2024-2025