Mediaeval Studies

The term “mediaeval” is the name given to a period in the history between “antiquity” and “modernity,” or roughly the fifth through the fifteenth centuries. Its parameters are broad and boundaries are not clearly defined. The Mediaeval Studies program adopts an interdisciplinary approach to exploring this world through the study of subjects such as the Latin language, art, literature, law, gender roles, and religion. As well as examining the mediaeval foundations of modern culture, students also explore “mediaevalisms” that appear in our own culture through such media as film, literature, drama, and art, and introduce new approaches including digital humanities.

St. Michael’s College has a long tradition of teaching and research in mediaeval disciplines and its library has rich resources in the field.

Mediaeval Studies provides a useful background for studies in law or theology. The Specialist program, with its Latin requirements, is excellent preparation for graduate work at U of T’s Centre for Medieval Studies.