Services and Programs for Newly Admitted Students




St. Mike’s supports students’ transition to University life by offering academic advising and learning support programs that provide students with tools for success.


Academic Advising


USMC Registrar‚Äôs Office: Students at USMC are invited to visit the Registrar’s office when seeking academic advice. There they will find highly professional advisors with a wealth of experience in all areas of academic life at the University of St. Michael’s College and at the University of Toronto. ¬†Assistance with registration, course selection, program selection and scheduling are all available. ¬†In addition, advisors can provide students with guidance regarding workloads relative to other aspect of their time on campus.


Academic Assistance


Kelly Library Learning Commons: St. Mike’s offers students one-on-one consultations to enrich their writing, research, and learning. These are all available at the Kelly Library Learning Commons on the ground floor of the John M. Kelly Library.


USMC Writing Centre: Writing is much more challenging at university than in high school, but writing instructors are available to help students write more clearly, analyze thoughtfully, construct reasoned arguments, and ace their assignments.


USMC Learning Strategist: The Learning Strategist at St. Mike’s supports students in all areas of academic performance, from developing a learning style to managing stress and overcoming procrastination.


Personal Librarian at USMC: Personal librarians offer first year St. Mike’s students friendly assistance with assignments and research. 


Kelly Library Research Help: Students are encouraged to meet with librarians to gain confidence in pursuing their research and mastering citation.





USMC and the University of Toronto offer an abundance of resources for students from health and wellness to peer groups so that students are supported and ultimately, can be their best selves.


Peer Mentorship


USMC Connect: Students can participate in the USMC College Peer Mentor Program, where participating students receive mentoring from a USMC student ambassador.



PAIR Mentorship Program: Students enrolled in the Faculty of Arts and Science can participate in the PAIR mentorship program designed to match students with upper years based on program of study and interests. (Select ‚ÄėPAIR Program‚Äô)



Health and Wellness


USMC Health and Wellness Counsellor: Students can book an appointment with the USMC Health and Wellness counsellor for counselling support. Information is found at



Campus Ministry


Campus Ministry at USMC helps students integrate their intellectual lives with their faith development and facilitates faith formation for undergraduate students, with an emphasis on engaging students, increasing student participation in campus life and developing student leadership.




On Location services cater to the individual needs of students, providing resources and opportunities to be part of wonderful and welcoming communities.


First in the Family Program: First in the Family is a mentorship program for students who are the first in their family attending post-secondary school.


International Students: University of Toronto offers many resources for International Students including transitioning advising.


Career Support: Students can book an appointment or attend a workshop with the USMC Career Educator to explore different career paths and receive assistance with job searches.


In addition, the University of Toronto’s Career Services have chosen the University of St. Michael’s College as one of their satellite locations offering the students of USMC an opportunity to participate in programming and presentations in Alumni Hall, located at 121 St. Joseph Street. ¬†Presentations will be posted on the USMC website as well as the U of T Career Learning Network pages.





The University of St Michael’s College offers awards and bursaries to undergraduate and graduate students tailored to students’ unique qualifications, interests and needs.


USMC offers students a variety of bursaries (grants) and awards based on financial need and academic success.


The University of Toronto also offers more than 3,000 awards and bursaries for students.


Financial Aid programs such as OSAP are offered to students who qualify.


USMC Registrar’s Office offers financial advising services. Details are found at





Extracurricular activities are a great way for St. Mike’s students to get involved, try out new activities, and make lifelong friends and lasting memories. At USMC we encourage students to become involved in one or more of the clubs and activities listed here as a way to support their personal development and formation, and also to help prepare them for life beyond University.


St. Mike’s Student Leadership Opportunities


Residence Don: Senior students who live on campus and offer programming and community building activities for students living in residence.


St. Mike’s Residence Council: Student-elected leadership for residence halls and campus-wide residences.


Commuter Dons: Senior students who support and engage the commuter student population through programs, resources and community building activities such as Health & Wellness Days, Holiday Dinners, Movie & Games Nights, etc.


Commuter Ambassadors: Student ambassadors to support commuter student programming.


SMCSU (St. Michael‚Äôs College Student Union): Student-elected representatives who host events for all St. Mike‚Äôs students such as free BBQs and open-mike nights called ‚ÄúKelly‚Äôs Korner‚ÄĚ.



Clubs & Student Societies


St. Mike’s and the University of Toronto offer a wide variety of clubs. Students are sure to find a club that suits their interests and hobbies.


St. Mike’s student clubs include:


  • Book and Media Studies Students Association
  • Celtic Studies Course Union
  • Christianity and Culture Student Groups
  • Medieval Studies Undergraduate Society
  • Student Philanthropy Council
  • SMC Troubadours Theatre Group
  • UTICA (University of Toronto Italian Canadian Association)
  • Pair-A-Dice Board Game Club
  • Croatian Students Association
  • American Culture Club
  • Students for Change
  • UTCCC: U of T Chinese Catholic Community
  • Trek for Teens
  • UTSFL: U of T Students for Life
  • Mike‚Äôs Health & Wellness



Friends of the Kelly Library: Students can volunteer with the Kelly library and help out with their events such as the annual book sale.


The Mike Newspaper: Working on The Mike newspaper is a great way for students to get involved in the St. Mike’s community.


Ulife: The University of Toronto encourages  students to get involved in a wide range of clubs, stemming from a variety of interests. To see the full directory of clubs please click here.


Co-Curricular Record: A co-curricular record is an online centralized directory of activities where students track and accumulate formal recognition for their extracurricular activities, everything from work study jobs to volunteer work. Maintaining a co-curricular record helps complement what students do in the classroom with workplace experiences and skills. At USMC we encourage students to become involved one or more of the clubs and activities listed here, to support their personal development and formation, and also to help prepare them for life beyond University.





No matter what level or interest, the University of Toronto offers a variety of sports and recreational programs – everything from European Handball to Fencing and Cycle Fit to Skating!


Intramurals: Students are welcome to join a team and participate in Intramural sports ranging from soccer to inner tube water polo, a great way to meet new friends and stay active!


Recreational Programs: Recreational programs offered to students include drop-in fitness classes and drop-in recreational sports. Information on facilities, schedules and programs is available at:



Varsity Sports: The University of Toronto offers Varsity level athletics in sports including football, tennis, swimming, hockey, basketball, rowing, etc. St. Mike’s students are involved in athletic teams in over 20 sports.  A full list of sports and try-out information can be found at:




The University of Toronto offers resources for parents to stay up to date and involved in their child’s education.


USMC Alumni Association: The USMC Alumni Association can be reached for questions and support regarding St. Mikes and what the college has to offer.


University of Toronto Groups: The University of Toronto offers resources for parents and family of students attending the university including an E-Newsletter.