Student Events

St. Mike’s Student Life Calendar

Throughout the year, various student groups and offices at the University of St. Michael’s College host events for students to engage in. These events range from open mic nights, to academic lectures, to pub nights, and therapy dogs! To learn about upcoming events happening both on and off campus, check out St. Mike’s Student Life Calendar, click here to view it in a web browser.

You can also learn more about upcoming events by following @UStMikesStudents on Instagram, along with other wonderful student groups.

Hosting an Event at St. Mike’s!

Student Groups are welcome and encouraged to host their events at St. Michael’s College to help build up the college community and provide students with exciting opportunities outside of the classroom.

Groups that have received clubs recognition with St. Michael’s College Student Union, have free access to spaces at St. Michael’s College for hosting events.

Step 1: Idea Stage

Think about what type of event you want to host, what is it for? Ask, “what is the intended impact of this event?” Take a look at event planning resources and checklist here to get started!

Step 2: Booking Stage

Once you know what event you want, you need to determine where and when you want it to take place. Take a look at the Student Life Calendar to pick a day that doesn’t clash with other programs, and then book your event using the Student Group Event Booking form! Students wanting to host a smaller event or group meeting on campus are invited to consider booking a time in the Student Boardroom, BR115b rather than completing the In Person Events Request Form (This room is available for booking from September- April annually).

Step 3: Planning & Promotions Stage

Outline your budget and how you plan to execute the event. Work with vendors and other student leaders to create an event outline. Create promotional material to share on your social media and post around campus, ideally 2 weeks in advance!

Step 4: Host your event!

On the day of your event remember to arrive early, be prepared with materials and equipment for your event, and be present to enjoy and connect with your peers throughout!

Step 5: Submit your Expenses

If you made purchases for your event, be sure to submit them for reimbursement in a timely manner. For Mentorship, Orientation, Commuter Dons, Yearbook, and Troubadours, please submit the Campus Life Expense Report. For SMCSU and SMCSU recognized clubs, please complete the SMCSU Expense Report. If you are unsure, please contact

Step 6: Reflect on your event

Create a feedback form to share with attendees and collect feedback on how they felt the event went. We also want to hear from you about how your event went, so you should complete the Campus Life Post Event Feedback form so we can better help support your planning!

Upcoming Events