Residence and Meal Plan Fees

Residents pay for their room and meal plan together. All residents must sign up for the entire academic session (September-April); those who choose to leave residence early will be subject to the Withdrawal Policy.

2024-2025 residence fees vary based on your room assignment and preferred meal plan.

Single room with meal plan: $19,163 to $20,213
Double rooms with meal plan: $18,215 to $19,265
Note: SMC has a very limited number of ensuite rooms available for an additional $1810, payable with their second instalment. Students can request ensuite consideration in their applications. Priority will be given to students registered with Accessibility Services, who require a housing accommodation.

Application-based awards are offered in the 2024-2025 academic year to students currently living in St. Michael’s College residences. Contact the Registrar’s Office for more information.

Residence fees are prorated for students who receive a residence offer on or after September 25. Contact for more details.

 Single Room
5-Day Meal Plan
Single Room
7-Day Meal Plan
Deposit 1  $ 1,000  $ 1,000
Deposit 2  $ 1,000  $ 1,000
First Instalment (September 30)  $ 8,011  $ 8,011
Second Instalment (November 30)  $ 9,152  $ 10,202
Total Payment:  $ 19,163*,**  $ 20,213*,**
 Double Room
5-Day Meal Plan
Double Room
7-Day Meal Plan
Deposit 1  $ 1,000  $ 1,000
Deposit 2  $ 1,000  $ 1,000
First Instalment (September 30)  $ 8,011  $ 8,011
Second Instalment (November 30)  $ 8,204  $ 9,254
Total Payment:  $ 18,215*,**  $ 19,265*,**
Note: Please see the “Loretto Residence for Women” page for Loretto fee-related information

*Incidental Fees

Students who live in SMC Residence but are affiliated with an academic division other than SMC (i.e. Professional Faculties, students from other Colleges, etc.) will be subject to the incidental fees that SMC students pay with their tuition. These fees amount to $132.50 for each of the Fall and Winter terms and are charged to your ACORN account.

**Residence Council Fees

In addition to Room and Board Fees, all students living in residence agree to pay residence council fees. These fees amount to $11 per semester and are charged to your ACORN account with your residence fees. All funds are allocated to the nominated St. Michael’s Residence Council and are dedicated to residence programming. In the event that a student withdraws from Residence, council fees are non-refundable.


  • Date of Offer Acceptance – First deposit of $1,000 is due at the time you accept your offer. This deposit must be paid through the online application (StarRez), and cannot be paid through ACORN/ROSI.
  • July 25, 2024 – Second deposit of $1,000 is due. This deposit must be paid through the online application (StarRez), and cannot be paid through ACORN/ROSI.
    • Students who pay their first deposit and subsequently elect to cancel their booking via StarRez by July 25, 2024 will receive 50% of the first deposit refunded.
    • Students who receive an offer of residence after July 25 will be required to accept their offer with a $2,000 deposit.
    • After July 25, 2024, both deposits are non-refundable.
  • September 30, 2024 – The first instalment is due for all residents (including OSAP students, or those receiving provincial loans who have deferred their fees). If you had been exempt from paying either deposit(s), that amount must be included in your first instalment fee payment.
  • November 30, 2024 – The second instalment is due for all residents who are not receiving OSAP. This amount includes the remaining balance of your residence fees.
  • January 31, 2025 – The second instalment is due for all residents who are receiving OSAP and have deferred their fees on ROSI/ACORN.  This amount includes the remaining balance of your residence fees.

Students who accept an offer to residence after move-in day are expected to make any outstanding payments, then follow any remaining payment deadlines.

How to Pay

Residence fees are charged to your financial account in ACORN when your room has been assigned. Fees are charged per session (Fall, Winter), and must be paid in full by the deadlines indicated above.

Please note: All deposits must be paid in StarRez, but the remainder of your fees are charged in ACORN. Deposits paid in StarRez will appear as credits in your ACORN account. Once residence fees are charged, they will be applied against those charges. Until residence fees are charged, the deposit credits will be reflected in your overall account balance, so you must take this into account when calculating how much you actually owe for tuition and non-tuition charges. You can make payments to your financial account in ACORN through a Canadian bank via a teller or online banking. You will need your account and student numbers from your invoice. You can also make payments online via ACORN.

St. Michael’s College or Student Accounts cannot accept payments in person. For more detailed instructions on how to make a payment from within or outside Canada, visit Student Accounts.

How much do I pay?

Please keep in mind that program tuition fee charges and other non-tuition charges are posted to a student’s financial account in ACORN before residence fees are charged. Payments made to ACORN will be applied to the oldest charges per session first. You are not able to direct payment to specific items on your ACORN account. This may mean that any payments intended for residence fees may be applied to your program tuition fees first. Plan to make your payments well before the deadlines to avoid incurring service charges on your ACORN account.

Late Payments

A service charge of 1.5% compounded monthly (19.56% per annum) will be levied by Student Accounts on the 15th of every month to the unpaid balance of the first installment beginning October 15th and to the unpaid balance of the second installment commencing December 15th until the entire residence account is paid in full.

Fee Deferrals

Student relying on OSAP or another government assistance program may defer their second instalment payment to January 31, 2025. Fee deferral is not automatic.  If you have successfully deferred your tuition fees, you have also deferred your residence fees. There is no separate deferral process for residence fees.  For more information, visit ACORN Help here.

Withdrawal Policy

When you accept an offer of admission to residence, you agree to stay for the entire 8-month term. Early withdrawal from residence comes with serious financial implications, so we recommend students accept their offer only if they are sure they want to live in residence.

Withdrawal Schedule

Withdrawal penalties are charged for any withdrawal reason, including but not limited to eviction for disciplinary related infractions, a revoked Offer of Admission from the University of Toronto, transition to online or hybrid classes, a decision to reside at home, off-site, or another college/residence within the University of Toronto, a decision to enroll at a different university, or ceasing to attend the University of Toronto. Withdrawals and/or cancellations must be received either via your current StarRez application or by email to with your student number and vacating date. Withdrawals and/or cancellations will not be accepted in person.

Notice DateVacating DateFee
On or before July 25, 2024N/A50% of Deposit #1 ($500)

July 26, 2024 – Scheduled move-in dayN/ADeposits #1 and #2 ($2000)

Scheduled move-in day – September 30, 2024Scheduled Move-in day – September 30, 2024Pro-rate to the day moved out (Scheduled Move In Date to Vacate Date)
+ Deposits #1 and #2 ($2000)

October 1, 2024 – November 30, 2024October 1, 2024 – Day residences close for winter break 2024Pro-rate to the day moved out (Scheduled Move In Date to Vacate Date)
+ Early move-out fee of $2500

After December 1, 2024After December 1, 2024Full residence fee – residence fees will not be pro-rated and the student is not eligible for a refund
1.      The “notice date” is the upon which the request to cancel and/or withdraw is received via StarRez.
2.      The “vacating date” is the date upon which the resident moves out of the residence and returns key(s).
3.      The “scheduled move-in day” for 2024-2025 is August 25, 2024 for first-year students and August 31, 2024 for upper-year students.

Income Tax Receipts

Residence and meal plan fees cannot be claimed as rent for income tax purposes. Under the Income Tax Act, universities are exempt from paying municipal property taxes.

The Ontario Income Tax Act stipulates that all students living in designated university (tax-exempted) student residences are limited to an Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit claim based on an occupancy cost of $25 for the time they resided in the student residence. Therefore, the amount that can be claimed for income tax purposes is $25 and not the full amount of residence fees paid. On Line 6114 (Student Residences) of your income tax return, tick the box to claim $25 as your occupancy cost for the part of the year you lived in residence.

We do not issue tax receipts for residence fees or meal plan payments.

For more information and to view the list of designated student residences, please visit the Ontario Ministry of Finance and review the “Frequently Asked Questions” on Property Tax Credits.