Residence Life

Residence Life

Residence Life

The University of St. Michael's College provides housing on campus or in the Loretto College residence building for over 500 members of our student population. We are committed to creating a safe and secure community in the heart of downtown Toronto, Canada’s largest city. Below, you will find more information about residence life on campus at USMC. 

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Residence Tours will depart from the Porters Desk at 81 St. Mary Street.
If you have any questions, please contact our residence department. Sign up for a tour here!


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Office of the Dean of Students

The Office of the Dean of Students at the University of St. Michael’s College is responsible for residence operations, outreach and support to residence students, crisis response and intervention, disciplinary enforcement and educational programming for residents.

Dean of Students – Duane Rendle
The Dean of Students is a member of the University's senior management team and oversees all aspects of student life programming for residence students.

Assistant Dean, Residence Life – Katie Forjoe
The Assistant Dean, Residence Life oversees residence life programming, manages the don team, responds to crisis situations, and provides para-counselling.

Coordinator, Residence Operations – Jessica Hall
The Residence Operations Coordinator coordinates the day-to-day administration and operations of USMC Residence, coordinates the annual admissions process, and liaises with current & prospective residents.

Loretto College

Loretto College is a private, all-women’s residence fully affiliated with the University of St. Michael’s College. Founded by the Loretto Sisters in 1911, the college continues the tradition of supporting university education for women since the turn of the century.

Dean – Emily VanBerkum
Emily VanBerkum is the current Dean of Student Residence of Loretto College and an alumna of St. Michael’s College. She holds an H.B.A with a Specialist in Christianity and Culture as well as a M.Div.

Assistant Dean – Alice Gomes
Alice Gomes is the Assistant Dean of Student Residence of Loretto College. She has served the Loretto College community in various capacities for over thirty-five years.

Residence Dons

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Dons live in residence and supervise the residence houses while helping students transition into university life. Dons are senior or graduate students who demonstrate superior leadership qualities. They value the residence experience and enjoy working with students.

Dons advance the mission of St. Michael’s as a Catholic institution of higher learning through the culture they create on their floors and through active participation in the life of the University. They are trained to assist residents with a variety of personal and academic needs and play a very important leadership role in both USMC and Loretto residence communities.

Dons are given extensive training to ensure they have the skills to support students in residence. Most importantly, dons serve as supportive, informed listeners and resource counselors for residents in need of assistance.

Interested in becoming a residence don? Applications for the 2019-20 year are now available. You can find more information here

Getting Involved in Residence

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St. Mike’s Residence Council
The St. Mike’s Residence Council (SMRC) is elected each April to represent and serve the SMC Residence community. They are in charge of coordinating the annual athletic tournaments as well as a variety of social events that occur throughout the year. In addition, the SMRC is the official liaison between the residence students and the Dean’s Office.

Residence Athletics
The SMRC is responsible for organizing the inter-house competitions collectively known as the Dean’s Cup events, as well as individual competitions, including the grueling USMC pentathlon. For Dean’s Cup events, houses are paired up to form teams that compete for trophies and prizes. The trophies are displayed in the Canada Room and lists of past champions are posted just outside the doors.

House Council
Every residence house will have it’s own House Council which is responsible for organizing social, athletic and recreational events for the enjoyment of the other house members. Through these activities, the council assists residents in transforming their house from a group of strangers living independently within the same building, into a cohesive unit with a collective identity and community spirit. Each House Council has a President, Dean’s Cup Rep, and Treasurer. House Councils can also appoint up to three Councillors at Large to assist with various projects the house may be initiating.

Loretto House Council

Students are encouraged to assume other leadership roles on the Loretto College House Council. The House Council is elected by residents and works on their behalf to cultivate community spirit and make the overall residence experience rewarding. Throughout the year, the House Council organizes social activities and celebrations such as movie and board game nights as well as formal dinners.

USMC Residence Buildings

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Sorbara Hall
Sorbara Hall opened in September 2001 and houses undergraduate students. In addition to the furnishings listed above, rooms come equipped with a personal sink and air conditioning. Sorbara has a mix of single and double rooms with the average room size being 11′ x 14′. Sorbara is the newest residence on St. Mike’s campus.


Elmsley Hall
Elmsley Hall opened in 1957 and primarily houses first year residents with some rooms reserved for upper year students. Most rooms in Elmsley are doubles and all rooms are 17.5′ x 10′ in size. Also housed here is a 24-hour study room, the campus mailroom, and the 24-hour security desk.


Queen’s Park Building: Teefy, Fisher & More Houses
The Queen’s Park Building opened in 1936 and is built on the model of Oxford and Cambridge. It is divided into three undergraduate houses: Teefy, Fisher & More House. Teefy and Fisher house female students while More houses male students. Most rooms in Queen’s Park are doubles with size varying considerably according to location and occupancy of the room.


Historic Houses
Located on Toronto’s first sub-division, these Victorian houses were built between 1890-1910 as private homes at the turn of the century but were gradually acquired by St. Michael’s. McCorkell and Sullivan Houses are relatively small, holding about 18 residents each, while Gilson and Maritain Houses are larger and holds about 36. Sullivan, Gilson and Maritain Houses are male houses, while McCorkell House is a female residence. In addition to the furnishings listed above, rooms are equipped with air conditioning. There is a mix of singles and doubles with size varying considerably according to individual buildings and occupancy of the room. Both first year and upper year students live in the Historic Houses.


Brennan Hall
Situated in Brennan Hall, two floors above the Canada Room, this residence houses twelve students and one Don. The floor offers a quiet and tranquil environment for upper year students who are academically driven. All female students have en-suite bathrooms, while male students share a washroom. Unlike other residence buildings, some rooms have double beds and a small walk in closet.


Loretto College

Unique among our residence options, Loretto College is a private, all-women’s residence fully affiliated with the University of St. Michael’s College. Residence rooms include large windows, desks, dressers, bookcases, closets with ample storage room, and Wi-Fi internet access. First year students are accommodated in double rooms with ensuite washrooms while single rooms are available to students in upper years. A sink is provided in each single room in addition to shared washrooms and showers.

Loretto College has three comfortable common rooms outfitted with television and video equipment and a lounge equipped with a pool table, ping pong table, reading chairs, and large study tables. We also provide a small gym, study hall, chapel, laundry facilities, and a music practice room. The building is air conditioned and has been recently renovated to be more environmentally friendly.


Residence Fees

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Residents pay for their room and meal plan combined. All residents must sign up for the entire academic session (September-April).

See the 2018-19 Fee Schedule below for the specific fee breakdown.

Elmsley Hall and Queens Park Building Double Double Single Single
Meal Plan: 5 day 7 day 5 day 7 day
Room and Board: $13,157 $13,937 $13,814 $14,594
SMRC Fee: $22 $22 $22 $22
Total Payment: $13,179 $13,959 $13,836 $14,616
Reservation Deposit: $600 $600 $600 $600
1st Installment** $7,311 $7,411 $7,311 $7,411
2nd Installment*** $5,628 $5,948 $5,925 $6,605
Sorbara Hall, Historic Houses and Brennan Hall Double Double Single Single
Meal Plan: 5 day 7 day 5 day 7 day
Room and Board: $13,515 $14,295 $14,173 14953
SMRC Fee: $22 $22 $22 $22
Total Payment: $13,537 $14,317 $14,195 $14,975
Reservation Deposit: $600 $600 $600 $600
1st Installment (Aug. 10, 2018): $7,311 $7,411 $7,311 $7,411
2nd Installment (Nov. 30, 2018: $5,626 $6,306 $6,284 $6,964

*Additional $1000 for ensuite washroom

** Due Date: August 10th, 2018 (OSAP/Govt funded students are permitted to pay their 1st installment in two payments: $1,500 on August 10 and $6,000 on September 30). In order to defer residence fees, students must defer tuition fees by their Faculty deadline (August 30th, 2018 for A&S Students).

*** Due Date: November 30th, 2018 (OSAP/Govt funded students 2nd payment deadline is January 31, 2019)

Non-USMC Residents: Students who live in USMC Residence but are affiliated with an academic division other than USMC (i.e. Professional Faculties, Graduate Students, students from other Colleges etc.), will have an incidental fee of $133.62 added to their first installment to cover the following: SMC Student Union ($28), The Mike Newspaper ($5.20), the SMC College Fee ($100.42)

Payment Options & Charges

The $600 reservation deposit must be paid through the online application and cannot be paid through ACORN/ROSI.

The first and second installments of your residence fees will be loaded onto your ACORN/ROSI account prior to Fall Term and can be paid online (see for instructions). Students are responsible for monitoring their own ACORN/ROSI account balance.

service charge of 1.5% compounded monthly (19.56% per annum) will be levied by U of T on the 15th of every month to the unpaid balance of the first installment commencing October 15th, 2018 and to the unpaid balance of the second installment commencing December 15th, 2018 until the entire residence account is paid in full.

Fee Deferrals

Those students who are relying on OSAP or another government loan, scholarships, sponsorship or tuition waiver deferral must defer their fees on ACORN/ROSI following these instructions.
If you have successfully deferred your tuition fees, you have also deferred your residence fees. There is no separate deferral process for residence fees.

Withdrawal Policy

Early withdrawal from residence comes with serious financial implications.

We recommend that students are positive they want to live in residence before accepting their offer to avoid major financial loss.

2018-2019 Academic Year Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawals prior to September 1st, 2018:

Forfeit $600 deposit

Withdrawals from September 1st, 2018 – November 30th, 2018:

Nightly room and board rate from September 1st 2018 to the date the resident will check-out +, incidental fees and council fees, + $1,500 withdrawal fee

Withdrawals from December 1st, 2018 and onward:

No refund of fees for withdrawals that occur after this date. Students are responsible for all fees in their entirety.

Penalties are charged for any withdrawal reason, including, but not limited to: eviction for disciplinary related infractions, a revoked Offer of Admission from the University of Toronto, decision to enroll at a different university or cease to attend the University of Toronto.

Residents are required to give immediate notice to the Office Dean of Students if they cease to be registered as a full-time student at the University of Toronto, or if they decide, at any time, to move out of the Residence.

Dining on Campus

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The Canada Room, our primary cafeteria, is located on the second floor of Brennan Hall on the St. Michael’s campus. This is where USMC residents make use of their meal plans; visitors and guests can also purchase meals here. The Loretto College dining hall is located on the first floor of Loretto, and it is the only dining hall on campus where the Loretto meal plan can be used.

Students and visitors can also purchase espresso-based coffee drinks, snacks, and light lunch fare from the Kelly Café, located in the northwest corner of the ground floor of the Kelly Library. 

More information about meal plans and dining on campus at USMC can be found on the Residence FAQs page

Summer Housing

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University of St. Michael’s College (USMC) Summer Housing operates annually during the months of May, June, July and August. Summer Housing is available to students from the University of Toronto and other Canadian/international College and University students. Please contact the Residence Office for more information. To apply for summer housing, please click here

Important Residence Documents

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